Today’s engineers, developers, architects, property managers and homeowners are looking for a versatile company, one that has experienced water feature installers as well as geomembrane experience. Brad, our Operations Manager has over 12 years of experience installing geomembrane lining systems throughout the Midwest. Some examples of these applications have been retention ponds, water storage tanks, landfill caps, brine bonds and many others. Brad has installed over 2 million square feet of geomembrane, so it’s no surprise the company most frequently relied upon for the job is Platte Valley Aquatics. We are the only company in the Denver Metro area that can deliver on the smallest water feature up to a million square foot multi layered geomembrane containment. We offer unparalleled knowledge and technical abilities, customer service, and the relentless desire to surpass our client’s expectations. Whether it’s the relaxing and soothing sounds of a cascading waterfall, a quiet retreat from all of life’s stress, an eco-friendly koi pond, or you’re needing geomembrane lining installed, we welcome you to call Platte Valley Aquatics, and let us help you.


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